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How much better would Stephen Curry be if he were 6-foot-11?

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry dominating the NBA again makes it feel like everything is back to normal in a time where it is anything but.

Curry missed most of last season with a broken hand, but now he’s back and looking like himself again. Behold:

When Stephen Curry is at his best, he’s virtually unguardable. Whether it is an incredible dribbling exhibition or his unbelievable shooting range, it’s undeniable that Curry is one of the most skilled players ever to touch the hardwood.

One of the few knocks on Curry is that he’s rather small.

At 6-foot-3, 190 pounds, Curry doesn’t have the size of some other stars like LeBron James and former teammate Kevin Durant.

The question is: What if Stephen Curry was 6-foot-11?

Things would be different, that’s for sure.

If Stephen Curry was 6-foot-11, he would be the greatest basketball player in NBA history.

As a comparison, let’s take a look at Kevin Durant.

Durant is a near-7-footer with guard skills and is arguably the most unstoppable scorer of all time. Durant is a prolific shooter and can handle the ball, but not to the degree Stephen Curry can.

Curry is regarded as the best shooter of all time, and he also has the best handles in the NBA outside of Kyrie Irving.

So, naturally, a 6-foot-11 Stephen Curry would be even more dominant than Kevin Durant.

Making Curry 6-foot-11 would also help erase one of his few weaknesses: his defense.

It’s not like Curry doesn’t know how to play defense; it’s that he’s small and often gets targeted as a result.

Curry has tremendous court awareness and defensive IQ and technique, but just lacks the size to really contest the shots of bigger players.

If he was 6-foot-11, however, the narrative around his defense would shift and he would be a legitimate two-way superstar.

If Curry would still play point guard is uncertain, but he probably should considering the vision he has at the position. One of Curry’s most overlooked qualities is his court vision. He’s averaging 6.6 assists per game over his career, yet he never gets enough recognition as a playmaker.

Curry has been the catalyst for the historic Warriors offense for a long time. As good as they have been over the last decade, it’s comical to think about what would have happened with a 6-foot-11 Curry running the show.

Imagine Giannis Antetokounmpo pulling up from 35 feet in transition. Imagine Kevin Garnett playing point guard and facilitating the offense, or even imagine Tim Duncan crossing up the opposition on his way to an uncontested triple.

Curry would put up video game numbers and would absolutely dominate any opponent in front of him.

Already one of the most skilled players in NBA history, if Stephen Curry was 6-foot-11, he would be the greatest basketball player in NBA history.