Everyone’s itching to play Counter Strike 2, so how do you get to play during the Limited Beta Test that’s going on right now?

How to get Counter Strike 2 Beta Access

The Counter Strike 2 release date is only a few months away, but if you can’t wait that long, read along for the details of the Counter Strike 2 limited beta access.

  1. Eligible players will be notified on the main menu of CS:GO.
  2. If you receive the invitation, click ENROLL and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Clicking ENROLL will begin a download.
  4. After the download is complete, launch CS:GO again and select the “Limited Test” option which will bring you to the Counter Strike 2 Limited Test.

Currently, the Limited Test only offers Deathmatch and Unranked Competitive on the Dust 2 map. In the future, this these will expand to offer more game modes, maps, and features.

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All of your CS:GO inventory items will carry over to Counter Strike 2, including weapon and character skins and stickers. However, during the Limited Test players are not able to modify inventory items. This includes applying and scraping stickers and using Trade Up Contracts. Should you wish to modify your inventory, you need to head over to CS:GO to do so.

Opting into the Counter Strike 2 Beta does not lock you out of CS:GO. You can freely switch between the two, but note that you will only match with players who are playing the same version of CS. Also, XP during the CS2 Limited Test will carry over to CS:GO.

According to the FAQ posted, players and participants are selected for the Counter Strike 2 Limited Test based on multiple factors that are “deemed important” by the development team, including but not limited to recent playtime on Valve official servers, trust factor, and Steam account standing. Note that accounts with VAC or game bans in CS:GO cannot play CS2 on VAC-secured servers. The Beta Test is only available on Windows.

More and more players will be deemed eligible over time, so keep an eye on the CS:GO main menu.

While waiting for your invite, you can watch your favorite streamers, content creators, and pro players play CS2 for now.