During the NFL Draft, you may notice Ian Rapoport on the phone. This is seen in the new Roku documentary, The Pick is In, and he revealed to ClutchPoints what the conversations are like.

At one point during The Pick is In, it appears Rapoport is on the phone while the Tennessee Titans were trading up. My initial thought was that he was talking to the team, but it turns out he was speaking to his NFL Network producer.

“So if it was during the actual show, basically, the way it works is I spend like three weeks before the draft calling everyone. And when I mean everyone, I mean, I go through my phone and I call every single person connected to a team, everyone,” Rapoport revealed. “And you have conversations, you collect information, you share information.”

He continued, “And when it gets down to the draft, the people I'm talking to are my producers. So I'm like, ‘Hey, this is about to happen. This trade is going through, here's what I think it is.' You never really know because nobody wants to risk the possibility that a team says like, ‘Actually, no, we're going to take that [player].'”

And while you never know exactly what will happen, Rapoport still has to be ready to get on the air. “So you never quite know, but I'm telling my producers like, ‘Hey, this is going to happen. Here's what I would say. I think it's important that I talk about this,'” Rapoport said.

Luckily, the producers trust Rapoport and it doesn't take much convincing. “And they're usually like, ‘[If] you got news, we'll put you on,' because news is important during the draft. A lot of times I'm wired in both ears with my producer and then I'm talking on text to teams or agents or whoever.

This all happens very fast, and one thing Rapoport requests if you're tipping him is that you are clear: “One thing I always say, and I think people really understand my job, is [to] be very clear. [Say] like ‘We are trading to here.' Or, ‘Start calling, we're about to make a trade,' or whatever it is. It has to be so fast, that the clearer people are, the better.”

He then revealed that when he learned about the Texans-Cardinals trade, the text he got said: “Texans trading up.” “And I was like, ‘Wow,' and I had to be like — you could see my reaction on the show, but [there] was an expletive in there — ‘Are the Texans trading up to three?' [They said] ‘Yes.' And at that point I was like, ‘Guys, we got to get me on, let's go.'”

By now, this is all old hat for Ian Rapoport. He has done this for years and will continue to do so. The rush seems to be what keeps him going.

“It's all very fast, but [also] very intense,” he concluded.

NFL Draft: The Pick is In is streaming on The Roku Channel now.