The entire sporting world witnessed a sad day when tennis icon Serena Williams played her last professional game back in August. The 41-year-old has had a couple of months in retirement since then, and at this point, it sounds like she's already considering following in the footsteps of the great Tom Brady and his shocking un-retirement this summer.

In a recent panel interview during a TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco, Williams said straight up that she actually hasn't retired just yet. When the host started asking about the 23-time Grand Slam champion's life post-retirement, Williams responded by saying that this actually isn't the case (via TMZ Sports):

“I'm not retired,” Williams declared.

The term Serena used was “evolving” from the sport of tennis. Technically speaking, she did not say that she was retiring. Her recent declaration serves as a clear testament tot his fact.

The big question now is whether or not she's going to return to the court anytime soon. This was the exact question the host asked her, to which Serena responded in jest:

“The chances are very high,” Willaims said when asked if there's a chance that we'll see her back in action in the near future. “You can come to my house, I got a court. I got you.”

Given that she responded with a joke, it's also very much possible that she was merely kidding around about not being retired. Then again, she could have very well been serious.

This is also not the first time Williams has hinted at a possible return to competitive tennis. Back in September, Serena joked about Tom Brady's decision to un-retire, saying that this was a “really cool trend” that he started:

Could it really be happening? At this point, only Serena Williams knows. You can be sure, however, that we will be following this story very closely.