Carmelo Anthony was once one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA's modern era. The forward, with the sweet shooting stroke, Anthony garnered 10 All-Star Game appearances and six All-NBA selections. That isn't including his run of three Olympic gold medals. Carmelo sold his former mansion in Beverley Grove, Calif., earlier this year for a price of $3 million.

Have you ever wondered how a retired NBA player lives? Well, we are about to find out. This article features Carmelo Anthony's 13,000-square-foot mansion in Westchester, N.Y.

Carmelo is a lover of architecture and houses. He previously resided in a 4,500-square-foot condo in Chelsea, N.Y. The New York native loved the space while playing with the Knicks but realized he needed more room in retirement.

“The idea for the house [and the vision for] this space was to create my own personal [rotating] art gallery,” he says. Throughout the home, a mix of decor and a range of artworks span a variety of styles, periods, and continents.

He had assistance with the design of his home by event planner and designer Cassandre Bonhomme. “I like to try different things,” Bonhomme says. “I don’t want to be bland or boring.”

Here are photos of Carmelo Anthony's incredible 13,000 square-foot-mansion in Westchester.

The dining room has a custom table and was in Carmelo's old office in Red Hook in Brooklyn.

Carmelo kept most kitchen elements the same, except for a large Hebru Brantley painting of the popular rap group N.W.A.

Carmelo likes to show off artifacts from his various travels around the world. He is most proud of figurines from his journeys in Africa.

Carmelo's office is the dream of any individual who has to do work from home. He has custom chairs and desks that he designed himself and a Nathaniel Mary Quinn painting on the wall.

The music room is one of Anthony's favorite elements of the house. A perfect representation of the “modern vintage” aesthetic.

Despite growing up in New York where there isn't much outdoor room, Anthony loves to have a space where he can relax in the summer. His new backyard includes a pool and basketball court.

Anthony's bedroom is completed with a custom bed that is fashioned to accommodate his 6-foot-7 frame.

Who wouldn't want to have this room in their house? Anthony and Bonhomme said that organizing and maintaining his vintage shoe collection was one of the toughest parts of the move. They converted a bedroom into a massive shoe closet.

The bar is incorporated with Anthony's favorite color, red. He has red velvet seat coverings and a red leather loveseat.

One of Anthony's heroes is adorned on the walls of his first-floor bathroom. The wallpaper includes licensed replicas of Andy Warhol's depiction of Muhammad Ali.

Photos courtesy of Architectural Digest.

For a walkthrough of the house, watch Carmelo give a tour on YouTube.

This type of luxury in real estate doesn't come cheaply, but it's little problem for Anthony, who is practically a lock to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. His success in the NBA and earning through endorsements has helped Anthony amass a net worth of $160 million.

This is all we know about Carmelo Anthony's incredible 13,000-square-foot mansion.