Pixar's Inside Out 2 keeps its popularity on a winning streak and has now just broken a new record.

The blockbuster is now the top-grossing Pixar movie of all time globally. As of Wednesday, THR reports that it's surpassed Incredibles 2 ($1.242 billion), which also puts it at number four on the list of top-grossing animated films.

On Tuesday, it finished with $1.251 billion in global ticket sales, including $543.5 million in North America and $708 million internationally.

Considering it's still in theaters and audiences are still buying tickets, it could quickly become the number-one-grossing animated film of all time when it's said and done.

Disney's Frozen ($1.274 billion), Illumination's The Super Mario Bros. Movie ($1.361 billion), and Frozen II ($1.451 billion) hold the animation records. The numbers are all close, so Inside Out 2 has a great chance of taking the top spot soon.

Besides, Inside Out 2 hasn't even opened in Japan yet, where it's expected to perform well.

Pete Docter talks about what Inside Out 2's success means for Pixar

In a recent interview before the film's release with Time, director Pete Docter knew the stakes for this film and Pixar's future were high.

“The future of Pixar, this year's box office, and theaters in general may hinge, in part, on the success of movies like Inside Out 2,” he said. “If this doesn't do well at the theater, I think it just means we're going to have to think even more radically about how we run our business.”

The movie picks up years after a girl named Riley is getting ready to enter high school. Emotions are changing in her head, which consists of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. However, the “Puberty” alarm has gone off, and new roommates emerge: Embarrassment, Ennui, Jealousy, and Anxiety. Thus, it becomes an undertaking to get Riley through the teenage years, which will prove to be awkward. Through all of this, she's trying to become the best hockey player she can and impress older girls that she's admired.

With a sequel, Docter shared his thoughts on how it was possible.

“We built the entire ocean for Nemo, the entire universe for Wall-E,” he said. “But it turned out the biggest set we had built [when Inside Out debuted] was inside of a little girl's mind. We only saw like 3% of it in the first film. There was way more to play with, and we had a lot of leftover ideas.”

The film obviously works well. It has great reviews from critics and audiences, sitting at a 91% Tomatometer and 96% Audience Score.

Sergio Burstein of the Los Angeles Times said, “A decidedly charming tale that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike and will no doubt spark interesting conversations among viewers who have been through similar situations.”

We'll see if Inside Out 2 becomes the top-grossing animated film of all time. Judging by the minds of moviegoers, it seems to be well on the way.