Ever since Travis Kelce was linked to Taylor Swift a few months ago, the paparazzi have been monitoring his every move. While Kelce was already a well-known name to anyone who follows the NFL, the situation is different when you're with a multi-Grammy winner.

Outside a huge spike in jersey sales and social media followers, Kelce is still getting acquainted with the life of dating an A-list celebrity. As per TMZ, Kelce's old home in Briarcliff West became too accessible, and he called it a “tourist attraction” with the number of people who swung by each day to try and take photos of the power couple.

To try and keep his personal life private, Kelce reportedly spent $6 million on a mansion in Kansas City in a gated community. When you compare that with the old seven-bedroom home that cost him less than $1 million, the new home is a huge upgrade.

But just for context, outside the seven bedrooms, Kelce's old home was impressive in its own right. It already had five bathrooms, a balcony that captures a perfect view of the trees surrounding the area, and to entertain his guests, Kelce had a built-in bar and pool table made.

A peek inside Travis Kelce's new home

Safe to say Kelce went all in on this mansion, or that it was the home Swift wanted Kelce to buy since she was with him when he went house hunting. After getting a $1 million discount on the home originally listed for $6.9 million, as per Realtor.com, Travis Kelce bought the home immediately.

His new mansion measures at around 17,000 square feet, a 7,000-foot upgrade in living space compared to his old mansion. When you look inside, it has the following:

  • Six bedrooms
  • Chef's kitchen
  • Six bathrooms
  • Media lounge
  • Wine cellar
  • Full bar

Stepping outside, the mansion has a swimming pool that comes with an attached waterfall, an outdoor kitchen, a tennis and pickleball court, and a miniature golf course. In the end, it's a home that's worth every penny considering the amenities that come with it.

But we're sure the only thing on Kelce's mind when he bought this place was to give him and Swift a little alone time. That just so happened to come with a price of $6 million.

Here are some pictures of Travis Kelce's new mansion.

Photos courtesy of Realtor.com (Photo credit: Dawn Connor) and DailyMail.com (BackGrid).