Lionel Messi, the star attraction of Inter Miami, once again refrained from speaking to the media following the team's recent 0-0 draw against Nashville, reported by While this move could potentially violate Major League Soccer (MLS) rules that require players to be available for media interactions after matches, it seems that Messi is likely to avoid any repercussions.

MLS mandates that all players must be accessible for press duties after each game, a rule aimed at satisfying the public's interest in the players' insights and comments. Despite this, Messi had already been exempted from media interactions after his MLS debut against New York Red Bulls.

The pattern continued after Inter Miami's goalless draw against Nashville, raising questions about Messi's compliance with MLS media obligations. The Argentine superstar, who completed a remarkable move to the United States as a free agent, has participated in just one press conference so far. During that press conference, Messi spoke through a translator, adding to the intrigue surrounding his presence in the MLS.

However, a statement issued through the Miami Herald has confirmed that Messi will not face any disciplinary actions for his media silence. According to MLS, there was a “misunderstanding” regarding Messi's media access, and he has not breached any guidelines concerning his availability for media engagements.

Interestingly, MLS had already been evaluating its press policies before Messi's arrival in the league. Teams have various ways to comply with these rules, such as providing open locker room access to the media or scheduling interviews and press conferences with specific players.

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As Lionel Messi's journey in MLS unfolds, his media interactions, or the lack thereof, will continue to be a subject of interest and scrutiny, especially considering his global superstar status and his influence on the league's visibility and popularity.