Scott Arfield, the Charlotte FC midfielder, recently shared a lighthearted yet memorable moment from his encounter with Lionel Messi during a match against Inter Miami, reported by GOAL. Arfield couldn't help but marvel at Messi's brilliance, even if it meant getting a bit too close for comfort.

Since Lionel Messi's sensational move from PSG to David Beckham's Inter Miami this summer, the footballing world has been eagerly watching the Argentinian legend light up the MLS. With an impressive eleven goals in as many appearances and a Leagues Cup victory under his belt, Messi has left a profound impact on American soccer.

Arfield, who has previously played for Rangers and Burnley, recounted his attempt to tackle Messi during a game against Inter Miami. His experience was nothing short of comical. “I tried to tackle him and he made me cuddle my team-mate — there’s context to that,” Arfield shared with The Athletic.

Arfield went on to describe Messi's unique style of play, emphasizing his ability to wait patiently in pockets before seamlessly transitioning to explosive action when in possession of the ball. “He just waits in pockets and then when he gets the ball, he can manipulate it at full speed. He can completely switch it on from 0 to 100,” Arfield explained.

Despite Charlotte FC's tactical approach, which aimed to stop Messi's connection with Sergio Busquets, Arfield admitted to the genius of Messi, who expertly maneuvered past two Charlotte players during the game. This dazzling display forced Arfield into an unintended collision with his own teammate, resulting in a humorous incident that has become a memorable part of Messi's American journey.

While Scott Arfield enjoys his break from national team duties, Lionel Messi has joined the Argentina squad for upcoming matches against Ecuador and Bolivia. As Messi continues to shine in the MLS, fans across the globe eagerly anticipate more memorable moments and dazzling performances from the footballing icon.