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Jaguars’ Doug Marrone reacts to Jalen Ramsey’s absence due to illness

doug marrone, jalen ramsey

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone was inevitably asked about cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who did not take part in team practice Monday due to an apparent illness.

It was somewhat convenient that Ramsey would miss practice given his current situation. He has publicly requested the team to trade him, and this absence from practice seemed like his next step to force the team’s hand.

However, Marrone downplayed the significance of Ramsey’s “illness” and said the cornerback was scheduled to meet with the team doctors this morning.

“To me, it’s nothing as big,” Marrone said per John Reid of the Florida Times-Union. “But I understand that’s probably a big story because of the other things that are surrounding it.”

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Ramsey might actually be sick with the flu.

Despite playing in the team’s 20-7 win over the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night, Ramsey remains intent on leaving Jacksonville.

However, the Jaguars are seemingly not interested in trading away their Pro Bowl cornerback, whom they also want to make the highest-paid player in his position.

It’s understandable that the Jaguars don’t want to part with a player of Ramsey’s immense talent. He’s a true elite cornerback, which is a very valuable commodity in the NFL these days.

If they don’t change their minds about Ramsey, then the star cornerback will have to just show up for the team. That is, unless he intends to call in sick for work moving forward.

The Jaguars will face the Denver Broncos in Week 4 and will then take on the Carolina Panthers in Week 5.