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Jacksonville Jaguars would like to keep WR Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson

Just when you think he’s out, they pull him back in. Picture Allen Robinson uttering this semi-altered famous phrase right about this moment in time.

It appears as though the Jacksonville Jaguars would love to keep the free-agent-to-be wide receiver, according to general manager Dave Caldwell who joined Mike Florio’s Pro Football Talk Live.

“We like the kid,” Jaguars G.M. Dave Caldwell recently told PFT Live. “He’s a great kid, a really good competitor. In terms of the production standpoint . . . you deal with that with a lot of players. You look on the free agency market, there are other players at his position that have gone through similar type of things. You just have to set a price for us that we feel like as a team we can handle and hopefully [Robinson and his agent] feel like the same thing and we can get a deal done. At some point in time, just like other free agents, we’ve walked away. We don’t want to do that with Allen because he’s ours. We’ll see. We have a lot of options on the table with that.”

Of course, Robinson is set to hit the open market in just a few days—March 14, to be exact. Two days prior, on March 12, the legal tampering period begins in which headlines fly across computer and smartphone screens quicker than a Tyreek Hill punt return.

Jacksonville’s in a tough spot with the young wideout.

Robinson, 24, tore his ACL during Week 1 of this past season and suffered a serious drop in production in 2016 (as compared to his brilliant 1,400-yard, 80-reception, 14-touchdown campaign). The 6-foot-3 giant of a weapon was drafted in the late second-round of the 2014 version of the draft and, once next week comes, will be, arguably, the most desirable at his position on the open market.

While, of course, there has to be some level of truth to Caldwell’s words, we also know no organization will bad mouth a good kid who’s on his way out based purely on financials.

The only measure this quote serves—in all likelihood—is a proper goodbye from the Jacksonville Jaguars organization to young Allen Robinson.

Like always, we won’t know for sure until Monday (when the free agent rumors come at us in a furious way).