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Jaguars TE Tim Tebow could pull off extremely rare NFL feat not seen in over two decades

Tim Tebow, Jaguars

Tim Tebow has spent most of the past decade away from the football field but is now back in the NFL fold after signing a deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tebow last saw action in the NFL in 2012 when he suited up for the New York Jets, and if you tweeted back then that he’d be playing baseball under the New York Mets organization after and then circle back to football to play for the Jaguars AS A TIGHT END despite not playing in the NFL for nine years, you might want to dig that tweet back up and reconcile with the friend you lost over that thought.

Speaking of those nine years, if indeed that Tim Tebow manages to make the final cut in the offseason and makes an appearance in the upcoming 2021 NFL season, he would be the first player since Doug Flutie in 1998 to play after being away from the league that long, as pointed out by Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk.

“Flutie was drafted in 1985, played one year in the USFL and then played for the Bears and Patriots before leaving the NFL in 1989. He then embarked on an eight-year career in the CFL before returning to the NFL with the Bills in 1998, nine years after he had last played in the NFL.”

Unlike Tebow, though, Flutie never had to familiarize himself with playing a new position. Knowing he won’t have a chance of an NFL return as a quarterback, Tebow decided to try becoming a tight end, but there’s no guarantee he’d made Urban Meyer’s final roster.

Here’s to hoping that Tebow makes Twitter engineers sweat bullets after he completes a catch from Trevor Lawrence in Week 1.