Jets news: Mark Sanchez knows exactly what Sam Darnold will be dealing with in New York
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Mark Sanchez knows exactly what Jets QB Sam Darnold will be dealing with in New York

Mark Sanchez, Jets, Sam Darnold

The New York Jets believe (hope?) they got their franchise quarterback of the future Thursday night in former USC quarterback, Sam Darnold. While Darnold may appear to be ready for the big time, there is nothing quite like being a rookie quarterback in New York City.

Another former USC and Jets quarterback knows just what Darnold is in for in the weeks ahead.

“It’s going to be different than anything he’s ever experienced, I can tell you that,” Mark Sanchez said during a phone interview with ESPN Thursday night. “But he’s ready for it, and he’s got a great family. I felt very lucky to be able to share that with my family.”

Sanchez was supposed to be the future when the Jets selected him with the fifth pick of the 2009 draft. With the help of a solid defense and a strong run game, he looked the part– at first. His limitations were obvious, but he still led the Jets to playoff wins his first couple seasons.

But once some of those pieces started to slip away the team was forced to lean on Sanchez. Sure enough, everything fell apart.

How soon he’ll be asked to play remains to be seen. The Jets brought back last season’s starter, Josh McCown. But he was never more than a placeholder. So, going forward, the question will be how long they need him to hold down the place for Darnold.

As could be expected, Darnold is taking everything in stride (ESPN):

“I’m a pretty confident guy. I’m comfortable in my own skin. [I’m] going to go in there and do the things I do, what the coaches ask me to do and do it at the highest level. That’s my plan.”