New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has made headlines once again for speaking up on the communication issues with the Green Bay Packers. Shannon Sharpe took offense to his statements, simply stating that Rodgers is full of bologna.

“You contradict yourself every single time, at first it was plausible deniability…man you need to miss me with all of this man.”

Shannon Sharpe suggests that every time Aaron Rodgers speaks on the chaotic fallout between him and the Packers, he brings up a new excuse for why the communication wasn't successful. In reality, Sharpe believes Rodgers is not taking accountability for being selfish in the situation and he should just be honest about the fact he wanted to move on.

The irony is palpable that the feud between Rodgers and the Packers carries on well after he has already been traded to the Jets. Rodgers' inability to keep his name out of the media for the wrong reasons does not bode well for his future tenure in New York.

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If Rodgers is able to succeed with the Jets, then the New York media will certainly be putting him on a pedestal. However, if he fails, it could get ugly, especially given Rodgers' adamant nature of defending himself and hiding behind the label of honesty when in reality he might just be disrespecting the Packers brass.

Overall, none of the talk about Aaron Rodgers' communication with the Packers will carry any weight if he succeeds with the Jets. If by any chance he fails, Shannon Sharpe will undoubtedly have a few words for the polarizing quarterback.