Last month, legendary actor Lance Reddick tragically passed. The cause of death has been revealed.

In a TMZ exclusive, it was revealed that the immediate cause of death was Ischemic Heart Disease as well as Atherosclerotic Coronary Artery Disease. Reddick's death certificate also states that he was cremated.

On March 17, TMZ also broke the news that Reddick was found dead at his home. His wife, Stephanie, called 911 upon finding him collapsed in the backyard. He was 60.

Lance Reddick's career spanned nearly three decades beginning with a role in an episode of the show New York Undercover. Perhaps Reddick's biggest role came in 2002 when he played Cedric Daniels — the lieutenant of the Baltimore Police Department's narcotics Unit — in all 60 episodes of The Wire. He also had a main role in the series Fringe and was featured in a handful of episodes of Lost.

In recent years, he played a pivotal role in the John Wick franchise as Charon —the concierge of the New York Continental Hotel. His legacy will continue on, though, as there is a slew of posthumous releases featuring Reddick including a role in the upcoming John Wick spin-off film, Ballerina. He also has a role alongside Jack Harlow in his acting debut in the remake of White Men Can't Jump for Hulu and will also appear in the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians series for Disney+ as Zeus.

The John Wick cast touchingly paid homage to Reddick at the John Wick: Chapter 4 Los Angeles premiere by wearing blue ribbons (his favorite color). Those in attendance were also given ribbons to wear upon arrival.