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Josh Allen, Bills

Josh Allen: Bold predictions for the Bills QB in Week 14 against the Ravens

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen opened up a lot of eyes with his play on Thanksgiving against the Dallas Cowboys, throwing for 231 yards and a touchdown. Even more impressive than the stats, he led the team to the victory, and people are finally respecting Allen and the Bills as for real.

This week, Allen’s job isn’t going to get any easier as he faces off against the Baltimore Ravens who have the fifth-ranked defense in the NFL. Allen can open up even more eyes with a successful game on Sunday. Will he get the job done or crumble under the pressure?

Let’s break down three bold predictions for Allen’s performance.

3. Allen throws for over 250 yards

In each of the last two games, Allen has failed to throw for over 250 yards, but he will get back to that mark again on Sunday.

The Bills have a good defense, but no one can completely slow down Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, which means the Bills are going to need to score points.

Look for the Bills to use a pass-first game-plan and he should have no issue finishing well above 250 yards passing.

2. Josh Allen shows off his muscles with another rushing touchdown

Josh Allen is known as one of the toughest quarterbacks in the league, and sometimes it causes him to take hits that he probably could avoid.

Against the Cowboys, Allen fumbled a snap but didn’t give up on the play and still fought his way for a first down, and it turned out to be a key point in the game.

Against the Ravens, his toughness is going to be on display again, but this time it will result in a touchdown. Look for Allen to lower his shoulder again and power his way into the end zone.

1. Allen’s aggressiveness costs the team late

Like stated above, Allen is aggressive and a lot of times that leads to some very good results. There are also times that aggressiveness really hurts his team, and the team has learned to take the good with the bad.

In this game, the Bills are going to be close late with a chance to go on a drive to win the game. Allen is going to try and do too much, either with his legs or through the air, and it is going to cause a turnover that will cost the Bills a chance to pull the big upset.