Kanye West is facing legal issues after an encounter with paparazzi earlier in the year. After West took Nichol Lechmanik's phone and tossed it into traffic, Lechmanik decided to sue him for battery and negligence, per TMZ.

Back in January, Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori were leaving his daughter North's basketball game. But, West stopped the car when he noticed several paparazzi following him. In some of Lechmanik's photos of the incident, West confronted the paparazzi, going through a man's pockets and then approaching her in her car.

In a video, West declared: “You all ain't gonna run up on me like that!”

After that, he approached her on the driver's side of her car, said “If I say stop, stop with your cameras,” took her phone from her hands and tossed towards incoming traffic. This was all recorded by Lechmanik's business partner from the passenger seat. West walked away, giving them what Lechmanik called a “death stare.” Later that day, the photographer went to the Sheriff's Department to file a report about the incident.

Lechmanik said she was traumatized and humiliated. She also couldn't go back to being a paparazzi because her phone was broken. She's suing West for assault, battery and negligence. She also wants to stop the rapper from touching, annoying, or threatening any photographer. (Obviously, she doesn't know what it's like to constantly be followed and photographed or to have your privacy on blast. That being said, what happened to her was bad too).