The Golden State Warriors have achieved some amazing feats in the 2015-16 season, breaking the regular season record while having the first ever unanimous MVP and coming back after down 3-1 to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals. As a result of all their success, they are constantly compared to past NBA teams.

All year long we read comments on Facebook asking “But could they beat the ’95-96 Bulls?” Now analysts are comparing them to every other great team in NBA history.

Shaq was recently quoted saying the Warriors couldn’t beat the 2001 Lakers. Draymond Green was also asked how the Warriors compared to other great teams, to which teammate Klay Thompson responded, “We’re better than the Showtime Lakers,” as a jab at his father who was a member of the team.

Now Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has chimed in to give his not-so-surprising take on whether the Warriors could beat that Showtime Lakers team.

Realistically, to compare any of these teams and talk about whether one could beat the other is completely subjective. Of course Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thinks his team would beat this Warriors’ team. He was a part of it.

Let’s be real, there is only one way to truly find the answers to these questions, and those answers lie in a NBA2K simulation.

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