Comedian Katt Williams didn't mince words during a recent episode of “Club Shay Shay,” where he launched fiery accusations against several fellow comedians, including Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, and Cedric The Entertainer, VladTV reports.

In the candid conversation, Katt Williams took aim at Steve Harvey, alleging that Harvey replicated Mark Curry's “Hangin' With Mr. Cooper” sitcom with his own show, “The Steve Harvey Show,” four years after Curry's series had started. Williams asserted that the current era demands honesty, emphasizing his intent to unveil the truth, stating, “All lies will be exposed.” When discussing potential blackballing, Williams hinted at holding damning information about prominent celebrities.

Regarding Kevin Hart, Katt implied that Hart was an industry “plant” and discussed an encounter where Harvey Weinstein allegedly made advances towards him. Williams also claimed he turned down film pitches with homosexual themes to maintain his integrity, only to see those scripts accepted by Hart without alterations later on.

Williams also addressed the notion of gatekeepers in the industry, pointing to Hart as one, suggesting that Hart facilitated Tiffany Haddish's rise to fame by “opening the gate” for her.

The interview on “Club Shay Shay” was notably intense, with Williams making striking claims. However, amidst his revelations, the authenticity and accuracy of the information shared by Williams remain under scrutiny, leaving the veracity of his statements uncertain.

Williams' candid remarks on the show have sparked intense speculation, leaving audiences to discern the truth behind his bold assertions about his comedic peers.