Comedian Katt Williams sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry during his recent interview on Club Shay Shay, where he unleashed scathing remarks aimed at various comedians, particularly targeting Kevin Hart, according to Revolt.

During the conversation with Shannon Sharpe, Williams accused Hart of being a Hollywood puppet, suggesting that his career success was artificially inflated. In response, Hart took to Twitter, seemingly unfazed by the tirade, and instead, he shared a trailer of his upcoming film, “LIFT,” due on Netflix in eight days. He added a playful twist, citing a moment in the trailer where a line refers to “Katt,” adding humor to the situation.

This wasn't the first clash between the two comedians. Back in 2018, Katt Williams criticized Tiffany Haddish, and Hart came to her defense. Hart later addressed Williams' comments, attributing his stalled career to unprofessional conduct and drug use. Williams had previously made amends, acknowledging his mistakes in a public gesture towards Haddish.

Responding to Williams' recent barrage, comedian Michael Blackson also fired back, labeling Williams as “smart” and insinuating that Williams targeted top comedians for relevancy. Blackson also addressed a critique about charitable efforts, highlighting his contributions to a free school and jesting about it being a place for kids to “whip your a** for free.”

During the podcast with Shannon Sharpe, Katt Williams refuted allegations of drug use apart from marijuana.

Despite Williams' pointed remarks, Kevin Hart's response remained calm and lighthearted, shifting focus to his upcoming project rather than engaging directly with Williams' accusations. Hart's measured response on social media adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing feud between the two comedians, showcasing his ability to handle intense situations with humor and grace.