Jalen Brunson made his preseason debut for the New York Knicks after he signed a four-year $104 million deal in the offseason. Known for his efficiency and playmaking, Brunson showed Knicks fans exactly what he would bring to the table after he dropped 16 points on an elite 7-9 shooting from the field. However, it’s hard to see New Yorkers caring much about the Knicks in recent days, especially after Aaron Judge hit his historic 62nd home run this season for the New York Yankees.

In fact, TNT’s Jared Greenberg had a hilarious question for Brunson during their post-game interview. Greenberg asked, “[You got] overshadowed tonight, with Aaron Judge hitting [62], what do you think your mom is more excited about tonight, you or Judge?”

The 26-year old lefty was quick to praise Aaron Judge, all the while hoping that his mother tuned into his performance instead.

“Uh, I would hope [she’s more excited about] me. But Aaron Judge, he deserves that. That’s big time, so props to him. It’s incredible to watch,” Brunson said.

Fans of both the Yankees and the Knicks will be hoping that the latter achieves the success of the former sooner than later. The Yankees currently boast a 99-61 record, and they haven’t finished below .500 since 1992 (!). Meanwhile, the Knicks have only finished above .500 twice in the past ten seasons.

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Perhaps the addition of Jalen Brunson to take the offensive burden off of Julius Randle and RJ Barrett’s shoulders is all the Knicks need to compete in the Eastern Conference. After all, Brunson broke out in the 2022 postseason, torching the Utah Jazz and proving himself a worthy sidekick to Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic.

Brunson knows that he has to continue playing like he has so Knicks fans would relentlessly cheer him. As he’s seen from Yankees fans, the energy from a fired-up New York crowd is an entirely different beast.

“It’s amazing energy in here. The atmosphere is crazy. I got to continue to be myself. I got to continue keep working hard. Stay true to myself, and be me,” Brunson added.

Jalen Brunson and the Knicks continue their preseason campaign on Friday against old rivals Indiana Pacers. Meanwhile, Aaron Judge and the Yankees, at the time of writing, are currently losing to the Texas Rangers, 3-2, in the top of the eighth inning.