Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving has had an eventful few years, both on and off the court. The most recent turn comes in the form of the Brooklyn Nets trading Irving to the Dallas Mavericks. This was a big change, but with Kyrie Irving's wife Marlene Wilkerson by his side, we're sure he will continue to thrive.

The moved to Dallas went so well, Irving decided to re-sign with the Mavericks for three years, $126 million, which has helped Irving's net worth total $90 million. However, let's get to know Kyrie Irving's wife Marlene Wilkerson.

Kyrie Irving's wife Marlene Wilkerson

Kyrie Irving's wife Marlene Wilkerson.

Although Kyrie Irving has made quite a number of wild claims, we're pretty sure that the former Duke Blue Devils star believes in romance. Irving was notably linked to Kehlani when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but that relationship fizzled out. It turns out that Marlene Wilkerson was truly the one for Kyrie Irving. After all, she’s the one who got a ring from him. 

The two were first seen publicly together in 2018 when they attended Kyrie’s Invitational, according to Sports Gossip. If we’re going to bookmark the start of their relationship, it’s got to be here: “Kyrie Irving and his new girlfriend Golden were spotted together at Kyrie’s Invitational last week.

“Earlier on Monday we received a tip that the Celtics star was seeing someone new. Now we have pictures of the two from Irving’s Invitational.”

Of course, dating an athlete of Kyrie’s fame had people making Google engineers shake in fear by trying to overload the search engine with their curiosity focused on finding out who exactly Marlene Wilkerson is. If you’re still not familiar with her, let me just crack these knuckles before banging on the keyboard a short background on the persona also known as Golden.

Marla Wilkerson's occupation

Wilkerson, who was born in 1993, is an Instagram model with quite a large following. As of February 2024, she has over 397,000 followers on IG. She has even larger patronage on YouTube, where she currently has a total of 796,000 subscribers.

Wilkerson has clearly built a niche of her own with a completely different target audience than Irving as she is into fashion and lifestyle, though being in the baller’s circle surely is giving her social media numbers quite a boost. 

It also appears that Marlene Wilkerson must have met Kyrie way before they became an item. Per Pop Culture: “Wilkerson has a history of dating athletes. Before connecting with Irving, Wilkerson was linked to soccer star Layvin Kurzawa. She also dated Dexter Strickland, who played basketball with Irving while attending St. Patrick High School.”

While there have naturally been some bumps in the road in their relationship, they seem to be going strong as of early 2023. There's also some question as to whether Kyrie Irving and Marlene Wilkerson have officially tied the knot, but the All-Star has referred to her as his wife in quotes to the media.

Kyrie Irving and Marla Wilkerson's children

Kyrie Irving and Marlene Wilkerson with their two children.

The couple had their first child together in 2021, a daughter, and 2022 brought them a son.

“My wife is a warrior. I’m just going to say that,” Irving said, per Brian Lewis of the New York Post. “Women are everything, especially after they give birth — even before they give birth — but after they give birth, you just want to give them their space to bond.

“I’ve just been playing caretaker at home. Cooking for her, making sure her feet are massaged, making sure I’m doing everything possible as a husband to make sure she’s taken care of.”

Marlene Wilkerson has pictures of her and Kyrie Irving all over her Instagram, though she hasn't done much posting in a while. She's likely spending a lot of time watching their two children as Irving continues his NBA career. Wilkerson most likely enjoys the lifestyle of living in Kyrie Irving's $755,000 mansion in Ohio.

Even so, it does seem like this couple is happy together as they grow their family. That's just some of what we know about Kyrie Irving's wife Marlene Wilkerson.