Derek Ciapala looks at the Los Angeles Rams' week, including the signings of a couple key free agency moves and the impact they will make on the team's 2019 season. He also breaks down the Rams' upcoming decision with Malcolm Brown and how it affects the backup running back decision. Finally, Derek analyzes the announcement that the Rams will host the Dallas Cowboys in Hawaii this August.

First, the show gets underway with an analysis of new backup quarterback Blake Bortles and his one-year deal with the Rams. Derek outlines Bortles's stats and lays out a different argument than usual on the oft-maligned former Jacksonville Jaguars franchise quarterback. It's not just about a cheap salary.

Derek opens the second segment with a look at the Rams' newest linebacker, Clay Matthews. He expresses concern about the signing and uses a clip from the 2018 preview podcast with the Power Sweep's Jon Meerdink to underscore why he is unsure of the Matthews signing. In the end, the deal is short, but it took up much of what was left of the Rams' cap space. How will the Rams use Matthews, and will he accomplish enough to be worth the pay check?

Finally, the final segment opens with a discussion on the choice the Rams have with running back Malcolm Brown. Should the Rams match the Detroit Lions offer? Should the Rams roll with John Kelly? Do they turn back to C.J. Anderson as a backup? What about the upcoming NFL Draft? Derek breaks it all down in this episode of Rams Talk Radio.

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