Los Angeles Lakers superstar Anthony Davis recently opened up about his favorite memory of the late Kobe Bryant. Davis, who was already a big Kobe fan even before he entered the NBA, revealed that his appreciation for the legendary guard grew even deeper when he played against him when he was still with the New Orleans Pelicans.

In a video clip posted by Swish Cultures, Davis recalled a specific moment that made him more in awe of the Black Mamba.

“It's the year when Kobe tore something in his right shoulder. He was holding his shoulder after he drove to the basket and I'm like ‘Something is wrong with his shoulder.'”

Davis was reminiscing about the Pelicans' hosting of the Lakers in the 2015-16 season. Kobe briefly subbed out of the game after experiencing some discomfort on his shooting arm but came back just moments later looking like nothing happened.

What came next was just another entry to Kobe's incredible legacy.

After posting up Dante Cunningham, Kobe felt another defender coming and proceeded to launch a quick one-handed fadeaway using his left hand.

The impressive play certainly left a lasting impact on Davis, who was then just in his fourth year in the NBA.

Apart from winning five NBA titles, all with the Lakers, Kobe is widely regarded as the ultimate competitor who's been known to sacrifice his long-term health for a better chance at winning, even during his later years.

As the first anniversary of his shocking death last year looms, several NBA players have begun to share their fondest memories of the Lakers icon, and Anthony Davis surely has many of them.