The Los Angeles Lakers have entered a new era after hiring JJ Redick as their new head coach. With the NBA Draft and free agency right around the corner, we should expect LA to make plenty of moves this offseason. However, they still need an assistant coach alongside Redick. With that in mind, we take a look at the betting favorites for the assistant coach job in Los Angeles.

There are several key names rumored to be on JJ Redick's radar. But three of those names are standing out as the betting favorites for the assistant coaching gig. Those names include Scott Brooks, Rajon Rondo, and James Borrego, according to Bovada. Below are the top six on the betting line.

Scott Brooks (-220)
Rajon Rondo (+120)
James Borrego (+195)
Sam Cassell (+250)
Jared Dudley (+350)
Greg St. Jean (+500)

That's a solid list of potential assistant coaches for the Lakers. It's interesting to see Brooks as the betting favorite, as he has plenty of coaching experience that would greatly benefit JJ Redick. Additionally, seeing Rondo with the second-best odds is also interesting, as he doesn't have any coaching experience whatsoever. But similar to Redick, Rondo is known for having a mind for basketball.

We'll see how the Lakers decide to hire as the decision is ultimately up to JJ Redick. Most of the names above would be a great assistant coach. They each bring something different to the table and would likely help Redick a ton as a coach.

The Lakers are bound to make a decision relatively soon with the NBA Draft kicking off on Wednesday, June 26. The free agency window opens up on June 30. So, Los Angeles is going to want to have its coaching staff set before they begin constructing the roster for JJ Redick.

Can JJ Redick get the Lakers over the hump?

JJ Redick
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Los Angeles last won a championship in 2020 in the NBA Bubble during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although that's a rather recent title win, it's been a bumpy ride for this organization. They just can't find a head coach for the long haul and the Lakers must find a way to get the best out of Anthony Davis and LeBron James (assuming he re-signs this offseason).

So, in comes JJ Redick who understands the game of basketball like no other. He doesn't have any coaching experience but he's been around the NBA long enough to understand what works and what doesn't. Ultimately, Redick has the potential to become a star coach in the league, but he'll have to earn that over the next few years.

What's really going to make or break JJ Redick's tenure as the Lakers head coach is whether the front office works with him or not. The franchise hasn't quite built the best roster around their superstar players. So, maybe Redick can help in that regard and form a team that at the very least, compliments Anthony Davis well.

If the Lakers can be patient and give Redick some time to get the ball rolling then this organization could get back on top of the Western Conference once again. JJ Redick certainly could get LA over the hump and back into title contention. However, the organization must work with him along the way.