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Gilbert Arenas fires warning at Isaiah Stewart for ‘charging’ LeBron James

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Isaiah Stewart just went from idolizing LeBron James to being immortalized for getting into it with him during the Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons’ showdown on Sunday night.

The Lakers star caught Stewart with a shot to the face during a rebound battle, and things didn’t exactly go smoothly after that.

Former LeBron James rival Gilbert Arenas was vocal on Instagram after the incident, sending out a stern warning against Isaiah Stewart for trying to go at the Lakers frontman. In typical Agent Zero fashion, his message was unimaginably lengthy but can be summarized in six words: You don’t charge at LeBron James.

He told Stewart to start packing his bags because he’s probably about to get traded to a foreign country for going at the the Lakers star. Arenas also made a four-man shortlist of NBA superstars you’re not supposed to mess with. Aside from LeBron, there’s Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors’ duo of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

He also added that the only sanctioned fight that can occur in the NBA is between LeBron’s Lakers teammate Rajon Rondo and his longtime adversary Chris Paul.

Perhaps the best part was Arenas’ claim that the Lakers-Pistons near brawl was worse than the gun incident he had in the Washington Wizards’ locker room in 2009 – which is, yeah.

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Never change, Gilbert Arenas.