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Lakers HC Luke Walton gets ejected from game against the Rockets

Luke Walton

The Los Angeles Lakers just can’t seem to contain their emotions when facing the Houston Rockets. During the third quarter of the Lakers’ game against the Rockets, Los Angeles’ head coach Luke Walton was ejected after he received his second technical foul for the game. Walton was livid after the Rockets’ foul on Lakers guard Lonzo Ball, which led an apparent ankle injury.

Brian Shaw took over the team in Walton’s absence.

Whenever the Lakers face the Rockets this season, it seems that animosity is always in the air. In November, when they squared off against each other for the first time, Rockets guard Chris Paul had an altercation with Lakers’ veteran playmaker Rajon Rondo and forward Brandon Ingram, which led to their ejections. The three were later suspended for a few games.

In their second matchup that took place last December, the Lakers silently protested against the NBA officials by defending the Rockets with their hands behind their backs because of the number of fouls called against them.

This game was no different.

However, it seems that the Lakers have kept their composure after Ball’s injury and Walton’s exit. As of this writing, they lead the Rockets 108-103 with less than five minutes left in the game.