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How LeBron James’ IQ will help him play until he’s 40, per Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd, LeBron James, Lakers

“There’s a lot of people in the league with LeBron’s body. There’s no one in the league with his brain.” This how Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers described what truly separates Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James from his peers.

James’ Olympic teammate, Basketball Hall of Fame member, and current Lakers assistant coach Jason Kidd — who himself possesses one of the greatest basketball minds of all time — echoed Doc’s assessment. The legendary point guard opined that LeBron’s elite mind is what’s going to extend his career, more so than any other physical qualities.

“It’s going to help him play until he’s 40…His IQ is always going to help him because he’s going to be able to take less steps, right? Instead of running a six-mile race, he can run a five-mile race just because of his IQ,” Jason Kidd said of LeBron James, per Melissa Rohlin of Sports Illustrated.

In the SI piece, LeBron acknowledged his ability to recall nearly every moment of games — a power that historically great athletes like Larry Bird and Ted Williams can uniquely tap into.

“He could be last guy on the bench on the team, but he knows he’s left-handed, he’s a shooter, don’t go under him, he’s a driver, stuff like that,” Lakers guard Quinn Cook said. “He pays attention to the game, he watches the game and he studies. He helps us get prepared just with his voice.”

Kidd’s praise for LeBron’s IQ is clearly reciprocal. According to ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz, James acknowledged that Kidd is the only person alive who sees the game of basketball with his level of clarity.