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Lakers owner Jeanie Buss posts cryptic message on Twitter

When anyone from the Los Angeles Lakers is not releasing diss tracks, they appear to be firing off enigmatic messages on Twitter. There’s at least one Wednesday night when Lakers owner and team president Jeanie Buss posted this mysterious tweet. Feel free to make anything out of it.

What could Buss be pertaining to with this tweet?

Do not underestimate? Who, exactly? Nothing else to say? About what?

Does this have anything to do with the looming free agency? Maybe Buss is saying that the Lakers’ ability to sign LeBron James in the summer should not be underrated. That said, the Lakers are the actual favorites to lure James. They have the best odds among all NBA teams of pulling that off.

We’ll take it a step forward. Perhaps Buss is implying that the Lakers are on their way to signing not only James but Paul George as well.

Buss said that she’ll not comment any further, but the fact that she could not keep herself from tapping his phone’s keypad is now giving the impression that it’s something big. After all, if it was only about a nondescript development like Luol Deng purchasing a onesie he could wear on the bench next season, there’s no real harm for Buss to worry about when releasing such info.

Stay tuned.