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Kobe Bryant on Lakers drafting LiAngelo Ball

Kobe Bryant, LiAngelo Ball

One of the bigger stories surrounding and leading up to the NBA Draft surrounds a guy that isn’t even on many big boards, LiAngelo Ball.

The younger brother of Lonzo Ball has already said he would love to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Lakers even sent some scouts to go watch him.

One of the greatest Lakers ever, Kobe Bryant, was asked by TMZ if he would be okay with the Lakers drafting LiAngelo.

When Kobe was asked what he wanted the Lakers to do in the draft his answer was simple, “win.” He was then asked the following question about LiAngelo, and he gave his support, kind of. Kobe shrugged when he was asked, and said: “if it’ll help win.”

That doesn’t exactly sound like Kobe is thrilled with the idea, but he just wants whatever is best for the team, and he wants to see the Lakers get back to their winning ways.

LiAngelo’s best bet is probably to try and get a spot on the Lakers’ summer league roster and hope to impress them, because chances of the Lakers using a draft pick on him are slim to none.

The Lakers do have a second round pick that they could use, but with the chances low that no one else will draft him, and knowing that LiAngelo will sign with the Lakers if he is offered a contract, it makes more sense for the team to spend that draft pick on someone else.

It still seems like the chances are low that LiAngelo and Lonzo will play together on the Lakers, it seems at least one of their most famous stars, Kobe Bryant is at least okay with the idea.

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