Lakers news: Kobe Bryant talks about dealing with fear and mental health issues
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Lakers legend Kobe Bryant talks about dealing with fear and mental health issues

Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant had a great career as a basketball player, and in a short time has already made a name for himself in filmmaking.

For someone of Bryant’s stature, it can be easy for the outside world to think he or any other famous person has no problems, insecurities, fears, etc. But Bryant, during a recent event called We Rise LA, addressed those topics at the event, which was centered around mental health for youth.

Per Ryan Ward of ClutchPoints:

Bryant played for 20 years in the NBA, and had many unique experiences growing up in Italy and Philadelphia. So if anyone knows about these feelings and situations he’s talking about, it’s him.

The amount of basketball players that have recently come out in support of mental health issues seems to be growing. First it was DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love, and now it’s Kobe Bryant. The stature of these players is a key factor when looking at what they are saying and why.

Bryant is arguably the most famous athlete in the world. He’s at least up there with LeBron James and other athletes from other sports. But Bryant is one of the most visible as well.

For Bryant to be out there at public events, talking about fear and internal struggles has to be a positive influence for young people who are looking to emulate him and figure out how to be successful.

Bryant has made the right choices and had the right people around him to help him make good decisions and be there when he needs. And now he’s returning the favor and giving youth the tools to do the same.