The belief around the NBA is Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving is heading to the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason. Sure enough, every action he does will be linked to the said talks until it finds a resolution.

Such was the case on Saturday when Irving was spotted talking with Lakers legend Derek Fisher in the Summer League. Now, for all we know, it can be just two friends catching up or only a conversation between two guards sharing their thoughts about the game. Players have relationships with each other, and so the talk could be nothing more but a friendly banter.

However, with Fisher's Lakers links and the Irving drama, many couldn't help but make the connection.

LeBron James has reportedly been campaigning for the Lakers to trade for Kyrie Irving, with recent reports even saying he's putting the pressure on the front office to make something happen.

With that said, it's hard to blame Lakers fans if they get excited about Irving seemingly having a fun talk with Fisher considering how animated their reactions were.

It remains to be seen what will happen to Irving, though the Summer League has been providing everyone with tons of clues that could point something is in the works. There is that video of LeBron James and Russell Westbrook seemingly snubbing each other by sitting far apart despite coming to support the same team.

And oh, who could not notice Nets GM Sean Marks and Lakers exec Rob Pelinka having a conversation?

With everything that's going on, a lot might happen in the NBA in the next couple of days or weeks.