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REPORT: Lakers trying to impose their choices for assistant coaches on Tyronn Lue

Tyronn Lue, Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have reportedly reached an impasse with Tyronn Lue on their negotiations to make him their next head coach, with one of the major issues being a disagreement over Lue’s coaching staff.

According to Marc Stein of The New York Times, Los Angeles is imposing their choices for Lue’s assistant which, as it seems, didn’t sit well with the former Cleveland Cavaliers coach. In Adrian Wojnarowski’s ESPN report about the development, Los Angeles wanted to hire Jason Kidd as one of the team’s top assistants.

The contract negotiation between the two parties was supposed to be easy, with Lue making the most sense to take over the Purple and Gold given his experience coaching LeBron James when he was with the Cavs.

However, the Lakers appear to be determined to show that they are in control of the whole decision making process. As Stein noted, one of the team’s biggest issue with Luke Walton was his coaching staff — which made him fall out of favor with the front office.

It remains to be seen how Los Angeles and Lue will resolve their differences and if they can find a common ground. However, with how the Lakers’ season had been, this issue is definitely not a good look — especially as the team prepares for free agency.