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LaMelo Ball continues to troll Kyle Kuzma on Twitter

lavar ball, lamelo ball

LaMelo Ball is the youngest son of LaVar Ball, and he is the younger brother of Lonzo Ball, who is the star point guard of the Los Angeles Lakers. Although he is only 16 years old, Ball is already a member of his own professional basketball team and is a pop culture icon since the dawn of his family’s reality show Ball in the Family.

Even though his father, LaVar Ball, has many negative interactions with the Lakers, LaMelo Ball appears to indulge in sharing light-hearted moments with the team, especially at the expense of Kyle Kuzma on Twitter.

No one knows when this picture of Kuzma was taken, but he appears to be very young. It is also unknown how Ball got the picture, unless it was given to him by Lonzo Ball who must be in on the joke as well. Kuzma seems to be fond of making jokes himself, so he is bound to get back at LaMelo Ball down the road.

However, this interaction can show that the youngest Ball brother is still enjoying while he is playing professional basketball in Lithuania. The life of professional basketball can get stressful even for adults, so it should be a positive thing for LaMelo Ball to take some time off to poke fun at others on Twitter.

Obviously, no one likes to be the center of a joke on social media. Maybe next time Kuzma will think twice before taking a public bathroom photo. Meanwhile, the talented rookie is averaging 16.5 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 2.0 assists for the Lakers. LaMelo Ball definitely has some ways to go in Lithuania as he develops into a future NBA player.