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LeBron James explains difference between creating Heat’s Big 3 and Anthony Davis’ move to Lakers


Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has been teaming up with superstars over the past decade. From Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh with the Miami Heat to this point, where he now has Anthony Davis with him in the Purple and Gold. He was recently asked about the difference between those situations.

His answer? It seems like a pretty big deal back in 2010 as compared to now where everything’s just like a normal day.

When LeBron joined the Heat back in 2010, it was the biggest storyline in the world of sports. Some media experts even said it paved the way for the constant attempts of NBA franchises to build a superteam this decade.

But now, as previously mentioned, nobody is surprised anymore. Although most of the contending franchises have decided to build around superstar duos, some of these squads are just one blockbuster trade away from forming the next Big Three.

For LeBron, it doesn’t matter how many All-Stars are on his team. What matters to him is that everyone is capable of challenging each other to get better. He said that it’s something that he and D-Wade used to do back in Miami, and now he wants to form the same habit with AD in LA.

The Lakers are one of the favorites to win the NBA championship this season. They have a roster that’s capable of getting things done on both ends of the floor. Fans got a preview of how good they can be during the preseason, but now that those exhibition matches are over.

It’s time to play the games that matter.