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LeBron James is hyped for week 2 of his I Promise School

LeBron James

LeBron James made headlines around the league last week as he opened up his “I Promise School” in his hometown of Akron Ohio. Labeling it as maybe the biggest achievement of his life, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s school was a nationally recognized event which outlined the King’s continued positive impact in communities.

The four-time MVP is the gold standard for athletes using his platform for positive change not only in his community but around the world. He continues to push the boundaries and strive away from the floor, providing opportunities for kids who wouldn’t otherwise have anything remotely close to these chances at personal and professional development.

James’ new school is unique in its establishment, offering free tuition, free uniforms, free bicycle and helmet, free transportation within two miles, free breakfast, lunch and snacks, food pantry for families, GEDs and job placement services for parents, and guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron for every student who graduates. It is truly unique and remarkable what a player who came from nothing was able to build and achieve, through vision, hard work and dedication to making a difference.

After the unveiling of the school, the official opening and a speech by James which was wildly inspirational, the first week of running went brilliantly. After a successful first week, no one is more excited than James for week two.

James recently left Northeast Ohio to continue his illustrious basketball career in Los Angeles. His family was a big factor in his decision and a new opportunity for them to live and grow in a much bigger city than what they’ve been used to for the past four seasons. Despite James moving on from Cleveland, he has adamantly stated countless times that Cleveland and Akron will always be home to him. He may pull on a different jersey next season but the kid from Akron will always be just the kid from Akron.