Lakers news: LeBron James hypes up the return of Blaze Pizza's 'Ron'
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Lakers’ LeBron James hypes up the return of Blaze Pizza’s ‘Ron’

LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is definitely keeping busy in the summer. Between some heavy recruitment in free agency, the Space Jam 2 film shoot in full-swing, and the weekly rendition of the infamous Taco Tuesday, the 34-year-old has actually been able to squeeze in a quick commercial.

James made sure his new ad would get all the help it could from his end, as the 15-time All-Star shared the new Blaze Pizza commercial on his own Twitter page.

Ron’s back! We’ve seen this endearing “character” in the past, and it’s actually great for him to come out of retirement to give some random folks on the street some free pizza.

James was obviously more than willing to do his bit for the highly-popular pizza chain; after all, he is one of the owners of this multi-million food business.

As a matter of fact, LeBron was actually one of the first investors in this brand early on, and considering its exponential growth over the past few years, James has also had his fair share of profit from this money-making machine.

Despite all of his “distractions” though, no one can question the three-time NBA champ’s commitment to basketball. LeBron is as competitive as they come, and his focus and determination is second to none.

He will, however, need to bring everything he’s got to the table in this upcoming campaign, with a revamped Lakers side expected to contend for the highly-coveted NBA title this term.