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LeBron James, Lakers comparable to 73-9 Warriors, per Steve Kerr

LeBron James, Steve Kerr, Lakers, Warriors

Are the 2020-2021 Los Angeles Lakers with LeBron James as good as the 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors? Current Warriors head coach Steve Kerr seems to think so.

Kerr thinks that the Lakers are in a prime position to make their mark on the league this season, noting how they have the confidence of winning a championship while not having as much fatigue as some other teams who have won multiple championships have on them yet.

“They have the confine that comes with winning a championship and they don’t have the fatigue that comes with winning multiple championships,” Kerr said of the Lakers. “This is really a sweet spot. It’s where we found ourselves the year we won 73.”

He would expand on this, noting how going into a season following a championship gives the Lakers a boost and increases the team’s confidence going into the new season.

“You come back and it’s almost like a continuation of your championship season,” Kerr said about the Lakers. “You’re on top of the world. Everybody’s happy. You add some layers to what you already did. [And you have] deeper confidence in what you’re doing.”

This is contrary to how many others feel about a season after winning a championship. It is an interesting part of the debate surrounding the Lakers. Following a title year, many believe it becomes harder due to having a target on your back as the defending champion. Kerr seems to disagree, focusing on the confidence the first championship gives a team and how that confidence can lead to even greater success the next season.

Especially with the shortened offseason due to the late finish to the 2019-2020 season, it will be even harder than normal for the Lakers to do what Kerr thinks they are capable of, but time will only tell if they are up to the challenge.