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Lakers’ LeBron James makes pact with Dwight Howard that won’t please Frank Vogel

LeBron James Dwight Howard Lakers Frank Vogel

Dwight Howard just exposed LeBron James as the true shot-caller on the Los Angeles Lakers. Well.. sort of. The big man took to Instagram live, as he is wont to do, and revealed a deal he made with King James.

Apparently, if he swats two shots for the Lakers, he has the green light to late one fly from the three-point line. But LeBron James was quick to qualify the terms of the deal on Instagram, claiming that the promise is actually for two blocks in one half and not for an entire game.

Clearly Dwight Howard’s negotiating team didn’t do a good enough job ironing out the details on this one. Frank Vogel needs to get in on these meetings too, lest he be shocked to see his big man launching deep balls out of the blue.

Although the Lakers center is perfectly capable up swatting a couple of shots in a single game, doing it in one half is a pretty tall task for anybody. This especially considering Anthony Davis is expected to play much more center this season, which means less minutes for Dwight Howard to hit his mark.

Dwight did attempt three-pointers with the Philadelphia 76ers last season, which was by far the most of his career. But safe to say Frank Vogel isn’t exactly drooling at the prospect of camping out Dwight Howard at the three-point line to cure their spacing woes. But who knows, maybe Dwight has been working on his shot all offseason enough to become a respectable threat from deep. Stranger things have happened.