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LeBron James on Michael Jordan smacking Malik Monk, ‘He missed the first one’


Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James took a light jab at Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan after the latter’s love tap on Malik Monk’s head spread over social media.

On the video, Jordan appeared to have missed his first smack on Monk, which LeBron jokingly pointed out after reporters asked him to chime in on the viral footage.

LeBron James Talks Michael Jordan Smacking Malik Monk

LeBron James: 'He missed the first one.' 😂(🎥: Instagram/davemcten)

Posted by theScore on Saturday, December 15, 2018

Jordan wasn’t happy about his second-year guard making a bone-headed move that almost cost the Hornets the game against the Detroit Pistons. Monk ran out of the court to celebrate Jeremy Lamb’s game winner, but did so with the clock still ticking. The referees caught him red-handed and gave the Hornets a technical foul for having too many players on the court.

Shortly after the video went viral, Jordan clarified that it was all love, and it was a tap of endearment on his part.

Luckily for Monk, the Hornets still escaped with the win. Or else, he would have gotten more than just a serious slap on the head from his boss. Nonetheless, the two appeared to laugh it off afterwards.

After making a joke about Jordan’s terrible miss, James said that what Monk did shouldn’t have warranted a technical foul, adding that things like that happen all the time. The King did have a point, since Monk celebrated on the other side of floor, and did not appear to disrupt the game at all.

Nevertheless, LeBron’s light jab at Jordan may add a little bit of fuel to the on-going Greatest of All Time debate. While Jordan is still highly regarded by majority of fans as the GOAT, some are advocating that James has already taken that title from him.

It still remains to be seen whether LeBron James, when it’s all said and done for him, can eventually supplant Michael Jordan from his consensus immortal status.