The Los Angeles Lakers made a very smart decision that will please LeBron James and the rest of the roster. Dave McMenamin reported that a source told ESPN that the Lakers will likely sign forward Stanley Johnson to a second 10-day contract on Thursday.

This is a good move for the Lakers because Johnson has certainly been playing some very good basketball for them in his short time. He was newly added on a 10-day contract and has done everything that the Lakers could have hoped for and then some. There's a very good chance that the team decides to keep him on the roster for the rest of the season just because of how well he fits.

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The Lakers are going to need to continue playing the way that they have been ever since Johnson joined the team. They have found some success with him as a small-ball center and they're hoping that they can continue their success. It will be interesting to see what the Lakers decide to do once they get Anthony Davis back, but they could always move Johnson to the backup position or also play him at the four spot and let LeBron play at the three position.

The Lakers are finally starting to figure it out and it looks like they are going to be the team that many people envisioned them to be. They still have a lot of work to do but with guys like LeBron James and others, they are bound to turn it around.