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Lakers’ Markieff Morris rips NBA for scheduling ‘trap game’ vs. young Hawks

Markieff Morris, Lakers, Hawks

The injury to LeBron James in Saturday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks has been the talk of the NBA world. Specifically, LeBron’s Lakers teammates were among those to talk about the injury. Most echoed the sentiments you expect to see from teammates whose star goes down with an injury. Kyle Kuzma and LeBron himself repeated those statements to the media and on Twitter, but Markieff Morris had a different point of view of the game and was rather indignant about the 99-94 loss.

Via Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times:

“They set us with a trap game, whatever you want to call it. I don’t care how the NBA feel about it,” Morris said.

“It was a trap game playing 20-year-olds at 12 o’clock in the afternoon. They trapped us. We just couldn’t really find it. Me, personally, I find all my shots were short. I end up making some late in the game, but throughout the game just really can’t get over the hump.”

Morris likely doesn’t mean that the NBA wanted or expected any sort of injury, especially to the prime superstar of the whole NBA, but he thinks this was a schedule loss for the Lakers and an unfair draw given the time of the game and the opponent. Instead of playing a night game, Los Angeles and Atlanta played an early game, and Morris was apparently feeling a bit fatigued against a youthful Hawks opponent.

It is incredibly unlikely that the NBA would purposely schedule a game for their most popular team to lose and the best player in the league to be hurt. It’s not like the Lakers even played on Friday night and it was a back-to-back game. Morris was likely just frustrated with the loss and LeBron’s injury, so he lashed out.