On Friday, reports emerged regarding a significant amount of money being stolen from Los Angeles Lakers sophomore guard Lonzo Ball, allegedly by Big Baller Brand co-founder Alan Foster. Things have quickly escalated, and it appears that the rumors pertaining to Ball's transfer to sportswear giant Nike has become more imminent than what most would think.

NBA insider Alexis Morgan compiled a number of intriguing screenshots recording Ball's recent activity on social media, which seem to serve as proof that a move to Nike is on the horizon.

While the screenshot of Ball changing his profile photo to a snap of himself wearing some Nike gear as a child might not be the most damning piece of evidence, another screenshot featured Ball's own comment stating his intention to move on to “bigger and better things.” Again, there is no outright admission from the former second overall pick here, but it would not take a rocket scientist to put one and one together to come up with a logical conclusion.

These recent developments do not come in the most opportune time for Ball, with the 21-year-old's current season with the Lakers coming to another bitter ending.

L.A. was mathematically eliminated from playoff contention on Friday as they suffered a defeat at the hands of the Brooklyn Nets. For his part, Ball has been out of commission for his team since late January due to a lingering ankle issue. The Lakers recently announced their intention to shut him down for the remainder of the season, but despite the unfortunate turn of events, he still remains to be one of the more marketable youngsters in the league today — one that Nike is surely willing to sign on given the opportunity.