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Nick Young name drops D’Angelo Russell in Kevin Durant-Michael Rapaport IG feud

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Kevin Durant recently got into a social media spat with Michael Rapoport on Instagram, with Rapoport exposing the conversation on Twitter. In response to what happened between Durant and Rapoport, Nick Young — a former member of the Los Angeles Lakers — likened Rapoport to D’Angelo Russell.

Earlier this week, Rapoport shared an exchange that happened with Durant, who began a conversation with Rapoport after an interview on TNT’s NBA show. Durant uttered expletives to Rapoport, who would respond back with even more expletives.

While Rapoport didn’t help himself by exposing the messages from Durant, Nick Young poked fun by comparing Rapoport to Russell. For those that don’t know, Russell and Young were involved in an incident when both of them were on the Lakers early in Russell’s career.

At the time, Young was engaged to Iggy Azalea and Young had a conversation with Russell about his relationships with women. Similar to a young teenager, Russell recorded a video of the conversation between him and Young as it became available on social media, to the dismay of Young.

Besides ruining Young’s engagement with Azalea, Russell’s relationships with his teammates deteriorated and he would only last two seasons with the Lakers before being traded to the Brooklyn Nets. Even though the situation wasn’t exactly the same, Nick Young used his own unfortunate occurrence with Russell to create humor with Durant and Rapoport’s internet altercation.