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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers supports LeBron James, implores players to ignore Donald Trump’s jabs

Aaron Rodgers, LeBron James, Donald Trump

LeBron James has received plenty of backing from around the NBA after President Donald Trump went after the Los Angeles Lakers star in a tweet last Friday night, and now LeBron is getting support from one of the NFL’s biggest stars.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers spoke to NFL.com’s Michael Silver about this and numerous other topics on Monday.

“He knows he has the support of his contemporaries,” Rodgers said of James, “in his own sport and in other sports.”

Rodgers was pleased that LeBron didn’t try to fire back at Trump. Instead, James’ first tweet after Trump’s criticism had to do with his new I Promise School.

Rodgers said the fact that James, as of Monday, hadn’t responded to Trump’s attack was “absolutely beautiful. At a time where he’s putting on display his school, which is changing lives, there’s no need. Because you’re just giving attention to that (tweet); that’s what they want. So just don’t respond.”

While Rodgers is now voicing his support for LeBron, the star quarterback revealed why he didn’t say anything about the matter earlier on social media.

Asked if he’d considered tweeting a response sticking up for his fellow superstar, Rodgers replied, “Actually, I texted with a friend and I said this: ‘LeBron needs no help. He has stood on his own two feet for years, and he has done some incredible things, and he needs no support. He knows he has the support of his contemporaries, in his own sport and in other sports, and he’s gonna be fine.’ “

Rodgers knows all too well about Trump sticking his nose in the business of sports. The NFL has come under fire from Trump because of players protesting social injustice during the national anthem, and Rodgers has gotten some backlash online about it. He prefers not to respond to any of the “off base” hatred that comes online and would rather address issues in person and through action, which is why he appreciates what LeBron has done.