Patrick Beverley made his much-anticipated debut for the Chicago Bulls on Friday and it resulted in a mind-numbing 44-point victory for the Bulls over a hapless Brooklyn Nets side. He was not exactly the star of the show for Chicago, but there's no denying that Beverley made a significant impact in his first game for his new team.

After the game, Beverley spoke out about his debut. He's only been in Chicago for a few days, but it is clear that he's loving life with his new team. After all, it was an emotional homecoming for the Chicago native.

Apparently, Beverley received some sage advice from former Los Angeles Lakers teammate LeBron James. According to Pat Bev, LeBron has been guiding him through the rigors of playing for your own home team:

I talked to LeBron, who’s my big brother, and I asked him a lot of questions,” Beverley said.  “‘How was it playing home?’ The biggest thing he told me (was) prioritize your job, which is basketball, and have everything else come after that. I just try to do that since I’ve been back.”

James knows a thing or two about playing for your home city. After all, he's widely considered one of, if not the greatest player in Cleveland Cavaliers franchise history. In 2016, LeBron led the Cavs to their first-ever NBA championship — something that will forever have its mark in Cleveland's history.

Patrick Beverley won't be carrying the Bulls to a title anytime soon, but he's expected to make a big impact on his new team. As it turns out, he's got a pretty good support system working for him.