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The internet had a fun time over Lakers’ Michael Beasley signing

michael beasley

The Los Angeles Lakers had the biggest free agent signing of the summer in LeBron James. Nothing can top that, but many fans eagerly hoped for anyone among Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, or even DeMarcus Cousins as the perfect follow up acquisition to James.

Well, not everything gets a Hollywood ending this summer. The Lakers’ subsequent signings featured the likes of Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee, and now, Michael Beasley. Teaming them up with James and Rajon Rondo concocts the NBA’s perfect meme team.

Sure, these players — save for Rondo who’s clearly a cut above the rest of the non-LeBron meme team members — have what it takes to become very productive pieces for the Lakers. Under James’ watch, they may very well flourish just by having someone who knows what it takes to win leading the way.

In an ideal world, McGee’s length and athleticism promise to intimidate opponents on defense. Stephenson’s energy and craftiness could electrify the crowd every once in a while. Beasley’s offensive repertoire could be very useful around playmakers such as James, Rondo, and Lonzo Ball.

But before reality strikes hard, the entire Twitterverse had its time reacting to the Lakers’ signing of Beasley in every hilarious way possible.

(h/t Alysha Tsuji, USA TODAY Sports)

On the brighter side, it wasn’t very long when James’ influence transformed J.R. Smith from a mere meme material to a meme-material-who-helped-the-cavs-win-a-championship type of player until his brain gave out in Game 1 of the recent NBA Finals; so maybe he can turn Beasley and co. into something similar.

There is hope for the Lakers and the future looks right. For now, let’s settle for these petty forms of entertainment.