The Los Angeles Lakers offseason has been a strange one. After a lackluster season filled with injury troubles, the Lakers are looking to make a quick turnaround and return to a competitive level in the NBA. Plenty of trades involving Los Angeles have been tossed around, most notably for Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving. However, few clear details have been revealed about the Lakers' plan.

That is, until NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski joined ESPN's Get Up, and provided some much needed clarification on the Lakers' offseason situation:

It might upset Lakers fans at first upon hearing that a deal for Irving may never come together. However, Woj includes some intriguing names Los Angeles could pursue. Eric Gordon, Buddy Hield and Patrick Beverley are all mentioned. Any of those three players would certainly contribute to the Lakers' roster in 2022-23. Los Angeles has struggled in past seasons to build a solid supporting cast around around LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

These aren't exactly home run deals, but they would add value for a good price. Woj notes that the Lakers are pursuing deals that don't expand too many assets. That obviously doesn't fit the description of an Irving trade. If Lakers fans are still hoping for a superstar trade, fear not, Woj does say there's still a chance. What's most intriguing is that he cites Kevin Durant as the biggest factor in all of this:

“I think so much depends on what happens with Kevin Durant,” Woj said. “The Nets are focused on finding a deal for KD before they even think about moving Kyrie Irving.”

There's still plenty of time for the Lakers to make some deals this summer, but time has come to choose the direction they want to build in.