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Lakers plan to go to UCLA to ask about LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball

The Los Angeles Lakers earlier this week had luck on their side with the NBA Draft lottery landing the No.2 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.

It has put them in the position to potentially select former UCLA star point guard Lonzo Ball at the spot. However, his father, LaVar Ball’s most recent actions has put into question whether it could deter a team from taking his son in the draft. During a recent interview on The Dan Patrick Show, head coach Luke Walton stated that the team will look into the matter further, according to Lakers Nation.

“With some concern about LaVar’s potential involvement with his son should he be drafted by the Lakers, Luke Walton appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and said that the Lakers will talk to UCLA head coach Steve Alford about LaVar’s involvement:

“I wouldn’t personally, but yes, somebody in our organization will, absolutely.”

Walton also added that he isn’t concerned about LaVar Ball right now and will think about it more as the draft gets closer:

“Not yet. When we get closer to the draft, we’ll get a packet of information on every player that we’re really interested in, and then we’ll sit down and discuss it all. But right now I’m not concerned at all; I’m mostly concerned with what player can help us win more than 26 games the most.”

At this point, it’s only natural that the Lakers do their due diligence on LaVar’ presence with UCLA. He has repeatedly said that he has had no influence on the team letting them handle matters on their own.

Even if that is the case, LaVar has in many ways overshadowed his son. His constant presence on the sports media scene has made him a potential distraction and detractor that NBA teams might hesitate on selecting Lonzo in the draft next month.

There are also reports that his involvement did play a significant role in getting his other two sons’ head coach at Chino Hills fired. This stigma has continued to stick to him regardless of what he does and his constant jabbering during interviews has begun to grow tiresome and repetitive at times.

However, with the Lakers and several other organizations stating publicly that LaVar’s antics are not a potential roadblock in taking Ball, it at least has gotten to the point where it is now a factor in the decision-making process for NBA teams.

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