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RUMOR: Anthony Davis already starting to recruit free agents to Lakers

Anthony Davis, Lakers

When Anthony Davis was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers over two weeks ago, the entire landscape of the NBA shifted. Sure, rumors had been swirling for months — even years — about Davis only wanting to re-sign in L.A., but to see a deal come to fruition so soon after the NBA Finals had been finished was rather surprising.

Now, the Lakers are in prime position to make some noise next season, though there is the “minor concern” that the team doesn’t quite have enough cap space to acquire another star. Still though, that hasn’t stopped Davis from pulling his weight in recruiting efforts for Los Angeles this offseason.

In the recent Hoop Collective podcast, Ramon Shelburne of ESPN said that Davis has been “busy with text messages and phone calls already.”

“Anthony Davis, we don’t know how he is as a recruiter, but I’ve certainly heard that he’s been busy with the text messages and phone calls already. This was what, last Saturday that this went through? So you have two recruiters now. It’s not just LeBron, it’s Anthony Davis, who hasn’t really ever been in a market or situation where his pull mattered, but we’re about to find out, and I think it’s an interesting referendum on who wants to play with LeBron, but also who wants to come play with Anthony Davis and LeBron.”

Indeed, it will surely be interesting to see if big-name players will want to play with both an aging LeBron as well as Davis in his prime. Odds are that the answer to that is a resounding “yes.”